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Beginner Nail Kit

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Belle Beauty Beginner Nail Kit

Step confidently into the mesmerising world of nail art with the Belle Beauty Beginner Nail Kit. Thoughtfully curated for those embarking on their nail journey, this kit offers an extensive range of top-tier Belle Beauty products designed to ensure a seamless, professional-grade experience from the get-go.

Inside Your Nail Kit:

  • High-Efficiency 80W UV/LED Lamp: Ensure every polish cures to perfection with Belle Beauty's premium lamp, a staple for salon-worthy results.

  • Palette of Gel Nail Polishes: Unveil your artistic side with five trendsetting shades - the whimsical 'Periwinkle', the bold 'Cocky Khaki', the deep 'Maroon Vibe', the elegant 'Rosewood', and the cozy 'Latté'.

  • Essential Coats & Preps: Set the foundation with our Belle Beauty Base Coat and Top Coat, ensuring longevity and shine. Prep your canvas with our Nail Prep Dehydrator and Primer, ensuring optimal adhesion and a flawless start.

  • Comprehensive 11-Piece Nail & Manicure Toolset: Every tool you need, from shaping to detailing, ensuring precision in every step of your nail artistry.

  • Nourish & Shape: Pamper your cuticles with our Watermelon Cuticle Oil and precision Cuticle Nippers. Sculpt and design using the #14 Kolinsky Brush and Nail Scissors.

  • Final Touches: Smooth and perfect with 3 Orange Buffer Blocks, and achieve pristine finishes with our Pure Cotton Wipes and Dust Cleaning Brush.

  • Box of Nail Tips: A selection of high-quality nail tips to extend and beautify your natural nails, perfect for practicing and mastering various nail enhancement techniques.

  • 5-Pack of Nail Files 100/180 Grit: Included to shape and refine your nails with precision, these dual-grit files are essential for any manicure.

Unfold your nail artistry potential with the Belle Beauty Beginner Gel Nail Kit. From novices to nail enthusiasts, this kit is a testament to Belle Beauty's commitment to quality, innovation, and elegance.

RRP: €236.25


Belle Beauty 80W UV/LED Lamp

5 x Belle Beauty Gel Nail Polishes - Periwinkle, Cocky Khaki, Maroon Vibe, Rosewood & Latté

Belle Beauty Base Coat

Belle Beauty Top Coat

Belle Beauty Primer

Belle Beauty Nail Prep Dehydrator

11 Piece Nail & Manicure Toolset

Cuticle Oil 

Cuticle Nippers 

#14 Kolinsky Brush

Nail Scissors 

3 x Buffer Blocks

Pure Cotton Wipes

Dust Cleaning Brush

Coffin Clear Nail Tips

5 Pack Premium Nail Files (100/180 Grit)

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