About Us

Welcome to Belle Beauty, where every stroke of the brush on your nails is an expression of art and elegance. We are dedicated to bringing a burst of vibrant colours and impeccable quality to nail enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our passion for exquisite manicures and pedicures shines through in our diverse range of products, designed to cater to all your nail care needs.

Gel Nail Polish

Step into the world of Gel Nail Polish at Belle Beauty, where we offer more than just a palette of colours – we provide a canvas for self-expression. Our extensive range, featuring a wide array of hues from soft, subtle pastels to vibrant, bold shades, showcases our commitment to quality and diversity.

As a premium own-brand, Belle Beauty ensures each gel polish not only offers a radiant, long-lasting shine but also serves as a foundation for personal style and creativity. With our superior base coat for durability and a glossy top coat for that flawless finish, your manicure becomes a statement of elegance and individuality.

BIAB Nails

BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) Nails are revolutionising the nail industry, and Belle Beauty is at the forefront of this trend. Our BIAB products offer the perfect blend of strength and elegance for your nails, ensuring a natural look with durability. From white to a selection of coloured, our Builder in a Bottle range is an essential for anyone who seeks both beauty and resilience in their nail care regime.

Acrylic Nails

For those who adore the classic appeal of Acrylic Nails, Belle Beauty presents a range of high-quality acrylic powders. Whether you're crafting a French manicure or designing an elaborate nail art piece, our acrylics provide the perfect canvas for your creativity.

Nail & Manicure Tools

At Belle Beauty, we understand that the right tools are key to the perfect manicure. Our collection of Manicure Tools, from precision nail scissors to ergonomic nail brushes, ensures that every detail of your nail care is covered with utmost precision.

Electrical Nail Tools

In today’s world of nail care, Electrical Nail Tools are fundamental to achieving professional results. Belle Beauty brings to you an efficient and user-friendly array of electric nail files, dust extractors, and more. Our collection, featuring everything from advanced UV and LED nail lamps to precision nail drills, is engineered to streamline your nail care routine, ensuring each step is effortless and effective. With Belle Beauty’s Electrical Nail Tools, experience the perfect blend of technology and ease in your nail care journey.

Nail Art

At Belle Beauty, your creativity in Nail Art takes centre stage. We provide an enchanting variety of nail art supplies to spark your imagination and enhance your designs. From dazzling glitters that add a sparkle to every gesture, to intricate nail art stickers for detailed storytelling, and shimmering rhinestones that bring a touch of glamour, our collection is tailored to empower your artistic expression. Dive into the world of Belle Beauty's Nail Art and transform your nails into a canvas of captivating beauty.

Nail Kits

Whether you're embarking on your nail artistry journey or a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your toolkit, Belle Beauty has the perfect solution with our range of Nail Kits. From the 'Starter Nail Kit' designed for beginners to the comprehensive 'Advanced Nail Kit' for the experienced artist, and not forgetting the 'Beginner Nail Kit' for those growing their skills, each kit is thoughtfully curated with all the essentials.

Our kits encompass everything from an array of gel nail colours to complete manicure sets, ensuring you're well-equipped for any nail task at hand. With Belle Beauty’s Nail Kits, you’re always prepared to create, design, and innovate.

Nail Gel

At Belle Beauty, we specialise in a superior range of gel products, meticulously crafted to ensure the perfect finish for your manicures and pedicures. Our selection of gels is designed for ease of application and swift curing, delivering a salon-quality appearance with every use. Whether you're opting for a classic look or an avant-garde nail art design, our nail gels offer the consistency and lasting shine you need to bring your vision to life.

At Belle Beauty, we are committed to not just selling products but providing an experience. Our blog is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering tutorials, tips, and the latest trends in the nail world. We believe in building a community where passion for nail care is shared and celebrated.

Join us in our journey to bring colour and artistry to the world of nail care. With Belle Beauty, every day is an opportunity to flaunt your style and personality through your nails.

Bringing Colour to Your World, one nail at a time.