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Builder in a Bottle


      Builder in a Bottle Range

      Welcome to the exclusive world of Belle Beauty's Builder in a Bottle collection - where the ease of nail polish meets the strong, building power of builder gel. This innovative collection brings together the best of both worlds, offering a groundbreaking approach to nail enhancements. Designed with the professional nail artist in mind, our BIAB range provides everything you need for nail enhancements with unparalleled precision and simplicity.

      Features of Our BIAB Collection:

      Thick Formula & Superior Quality: Our Builder in a Bottle is known for its thick formula, providing strong, consistent coverage perfect for nail extensions and strengthening natural nails. This high-quality product is easy to use and sets a new standard in nail care excellence.

      Durability & Length: The BIAB formula is not just about looks; it's built to last, offering durability and strength. Whether you're looking to extend your nails or just give them a bit of extra strength, our formula makes it easy to achieve the results you want with confidence.

      Easy to Apply, Infill or Soak: Forget about the mess and fuss of traditional pots and brushes. Our Builder in a Bottle is all about making application smooth and straightforward, opening up the world of professional-grade nail enhancements to everyone.

      Formulated to work together alongside Belle Beauty's Base Coat, Top Coat and Gel Polish range.

      Experience the next generation of nail enhancements with BIAB. Dive into a world where beauty and strength come together effortlessly, and let your creativity soar.