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      Builder Gel

      Craft Perfection with Every Brush Stroke

      Enter the realm of unmatched durability and versatility with Belle Beauty's Builder Gel Collection, designed to meet and exceed the standards of nail professionals worldwide. This collection proudly presents a large selection of traditional builder gels, available in an array of colours including Clear, White, Pinky Peach, and Dusty Rose. Each hue is formulated to provide nail technicians with the perfect palette for sculpting, overlaying, and enhancing natural nails or extensions with ease and precision.

      • Clear Builder Gel: Offers a glass-like transparency, perfect for encapsulating art or strengthening the natural nail.
      • White Builder Gel: Ideal for creating crisp smile lines in French manicures or as a base for vibrant colours.
      • Pinky Peach Builder Gel: Delivers a subtle, natural look with a hint of colour, enhancing the nail's natural beauty.
      • Dusty Rose Builder Gel: A deeper hue for those seeking a touch of elegance and sophistication in their nail designs.

      Unleash Your Creativity with High-Quality Gels

      Our Builder Gel Collection is meticulously curated to empower nail professionals with products that ensure longevity, strength, and beauty in every application. Whether crafting a set of natural-looking enhancements or bold, artistic expressions, these gels provide a reliable foundation that cures to a hard, yet flexible finish. Upgrade your collection with Belle Beauty's Builder Gels, where quality meets creativity.