5 Piece Acrylic & Gel Brush Set on a white background.

5 Piece Acrylic & Gel Brush Set

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5 Piece Acrylic Brushes

Discover the artist within and bring your nail visions to life with the Belle Beauty 5 Piece Acrylic Brushes. This expertly designed collection is the perfect toolkit for those who demand precision and versatility in their nail artistry.

Key Features of the Brush Set:

  • Diverse Sizes & Shapes: Each brush in the set is carefully crafted with a specific purpose in mind, from intricate detailing to smooth acrylic overlays. This selection ensures you have the right tool for any design challenge.

  • High-Quality Bristles: Made with synthetic fibres that resist shedding, these brushes offer a perfect balance between strength and flexibility, allowing for precise control and effortless application.

  • Ergonomic Handles: These acrylic brushes feature sleek, lightweight handles designed for comfort and ease of use, reducing hand fatigue during extended sessions.

  • Multi-Use Versatility: Whether you're sculpting with acrylic or painting with gel, these gel brushes are designed to complement a wide range of mediums, making them a versatile addition to your toolkit.

  • Easy to Clean & Maintain: With proper care, these brushes are built to last. They're easy to clean after use, ensuring that they maintain their precision application after application.

Unleash your creativity with the Belle Beauty 5 Piece Acrylic Brushes, your new companions for creating flawless, salon-quality nails with every use.

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