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Silicone Pen

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Belle Beauty Silicone Pen

Elevate your nail art with the Belle Beauty Silicone Pen. This innovative, double-sided tool is a game-changer for nail professionals, offering unmatched precision and versatility in applying nail art materials.

Key Features:

  • Double-Sided Design: Features a flat tip on one end and an angled cylinder tip on the other, perfect for a variety of nail art applications.

  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed with durable materials, this silicone pen is built to last, providing reliable use for numerous manicure sessions.

  • Elegant Aesthetic: The pen’s sleek, transparent, and black center design adds a touch of sophistication to your nail art toolkit.

  • Ideal for Glitters and Powders: Whether you’re applying delicate glitters or intricate powders, this pen ensures flawless application with every use.

  • Tool Dimensions: The total length of approximately 5 1/2 inches, with a 3/4-inch flat tip and a 1/2-inch angled cylinder tip, is designed for comfortable handling and precise control.

The Belle Beauty Silicone Pen is more than a tool; it’s an essential asset for any nail professional looking to enhance their nail art capabilities with precision, ease, and style.

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