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Acetone - 500ml Pure Professional Nail Polish Remover

Unlock the power of efficiency and precision with our 500ml Acetone, the professional-grade nail polish remover designed for nail technicians who demand the best. This premium formula effortlessly dissolves all types of nail polish, gel, and acrylics, ensuring a clean and swift removal process without excessive rubbing or damage to the natural nail. Its high purity level enhances the effectiveness, making it an essential tool in any nail care routine.

Specially formulated to be gentle on the nails and cuticles while tough on products, our acetone ensures salon-quality results in your own space. Whether you're prepping for a fresh manicure or removing intricate nail art, this 500ml bottle offers ample quantity for numerous applications, providing value and convenience.

Ideal for professional salons, this acetone not only promises efficiency but also prioritises the health of your nails, leaving them feeling nourished and ready for your next creative endeavour. Embrace the blend of quality and care with our Acetone - your go-to solution for pristine nail preparation and removal.

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